Drinking – Out with the lads or out with the lads?

It’s been two days since I last drank alcohol. It’s been two days since I drank for three days in a row which concluded with me getting hammered at a friends 40th birthday bash. My last memory of that night was me kneeling down while a ‘friend’ poured boxed wine down my throat. Now that is quite unlike me, not the boxed wine incident, but the three days on it. I normally would only drink one day a week but last week routine went out the window. And there’s nothing wrong with that I guess. You need to mix it up every now and then. But one night on the booze knocks me out for three days, so you can imagine how I felt after three days drinking. I managed to get myself to my usual Monday Spin class where the instructor commented upon my arrival: ‘you look like shit’. He wasn’t wrong. I felt like shit as well. But an exercise class does wonders for your mind and body and I immediately felt better walking home after. And for me, this is where the true test begins if I want to quit drinking.

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